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Tamako PAN
Gender: Female
Ms. Tamako PAN, a regular winner of Times Asia-Pacific Advertising Awards, has been working in the TV/film industry for more than forty years. She has worked with directors such as DENG An-ning, WEI Te-sheng, CHEN Hung-i, PENG Wen-chun and CHU Yu-ning and actors/actresses including Joe WANG and Cherie CHUNG. She began to be involved in TV and film productions in 1998, and has adapted novels of more than fifteen authors onto the silver screen since then. March of Happiness (directed by LIN Cheng-sheng, 1999) was selected into "Un certain regard" of Cannes Film Festival. A Cinematic Journey (2006), an adaptation of a novel by Dong-fang-bai, won five Golden Bell Awards including Best Art and Design as well as Best Television Series. Later in 2009, she produced 1895 in Formosa, an adaptation of LI Chiao's novel, which became the highest-grossing local film of the year, and won Best Drama at Asia Television Awards in Singapore. Two of her recent productions, Night Market Hero (2011) and Twa-Tiu-Tiann (2014), both directed by Nelson YEH Tien-lun, were the highest-grossing films during the Chinese New Year periods; the former also won Best Narrative Feature at the 1st Guam International Film Festival.

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