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Having worked in the film industry for more than two decades, Wolf CHEN has rich experiences in the field. He began by working for TV productions and as a newspaper journalist for cinema, thus accumulating his knowledge about the local TV and film industry. He was later recruited by Era Film and TV Production as film producer. He has been in charge of schedule-control and the coordination with the crew of The Puppetmaster directed by HOU Hsiao-hsien. He then entered the field of distribution and released about two hundred Chinese and foreign films. In 2008, he obtained a subvention from Government Information Office, R.O.C. for further studies in film production in University of California, Los Angeles, leading to his next stage as a producer. He is currently the Director of Double Edge Entertainment and has been the executive producer to films like We Are Family (working title, 2015), Second Chance (2014), Partners in Crime (2014), The Soul of Bread (2012), Mayday 3DNA (2011) as well as a TV series, Home (2013).

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