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Gender: Female
Cellphone number: +886 939 811 547
Languages: Chinese(mother tongue)、French(speak, write, read)、English(speak, write, read)

2001 :Graduated from Aix-Marseille I university of France with Master diploma.

【Professional experiences】
2001- present : 3H Productions, charge international affaires

2011 : Taiwan documentary “Hometown Boy” (directed by Yao Hung-I), charge international film festival and sales

2011 : French film “Renoir” (directed by Gilles Bourdos), as assistant of the cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-Bing.

2011 : French documentary “King Hu” (directed by Hubert Niogret), translator and production affaires in Taiwan

2011 : French documentary “Manipulatons, une histoire française” (directed by Jean-Robert Viallet), translator and production affaires in Taiwan

2011 : Taiwan film “Starry starry night” (directed by Tom Lin), charge translator and production assistant of the shooting in Paris

2010 : Taiwan film “Black & White” (directed by Tsai Yueh-Hsun), translator for the French chorographer of art martial Cyril Raffaelli

2007-2009 : French attachée presse Matilde Incerti, as assistant in Cannes International Film Festival and films released in France.

2005-2007 : French film “Le voyage du ballon rouge” (directed by Hou Hsiao-Hsien), as special assistant of director. Le entire film was made in Paris.

2005 : Taiwan film “Three Times” (directed by Hou Hsiao-Hsien), as post-production assistant

2001-2002 : Taiwan film “Millenniums Mambo” (directed by Hou Hsiao-Hsien), as script

International professional experience


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