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SHIAO Li-shiou
Gender: Male
Born in 1976 in Yunlin, Taiwan, SHIAO Li-shiou began to get involved in visual creations since1998, the year when he entered the Department of Commercial Design of National Taichung University of Science and Technology.
He then went on to study in the Department of Motion Picture, National Taiwan University of Arts in 2000, carrying out diverse creative practices of commercial and experimental images, illustrations and visual design. With strong visual styles, his works are rich in experimentation and reflection, excelling at non-realistic styles. During his years as a student, with 《Copy:Copy》, he won Best Experimental Video of the Golden Harvest Awards in 2002, followed by Best Experimental Film at Taipei Film Festival and Video Communication Prize at JVC Tokyo Video Festival in the following year. In 2004, his short film 《Lamb》 was distributed in Eslite Bookstores in Taiwan.
SHIAO had already begun to direct narrative short films and commercials, and participated in the shooting and production of several films during the years he followed the M.F.A. Program in Filmmaking at Taipei National University of the Arts. In 2004, with a subvention from Taiwan's Government Information Office, he directed his first 35mm narrative feature 《Brotherhood of Legion》, a large-scale production with special effects. The film was distributed in Germany and Taiwan.
In 2013, he launched 《Forever Love》, a romance comedy with a modern language, depicting a love story that spanned four decades in the era of Taiwanese dialect films. It was praised as "the most affectionate love letter from a filmmaker for Taiwanese cinema" and became the first Taiwanese narrative feature to be shown simultaneously in both China and Taiwan. It claimed Best Screenplay at Taipei Film Festival and ABC Award at Osaka Asian Film Festival, receiving positive response from both the audience and the media.
He co-directed 《Dream Flight》 with Khan LEE. Released in theatres in October 2014, the film told the story about air force, a theme that is rarely seen in Taiwan for nearly twenty years. Exploring the growing process of a pilot through the aspects of romance and family, it distinguished itself from conventional soldier films.


2001 《Copy: Copy》(experimental short)

2001 《Happiness Bird》(short)

2003 《Lamb》(short)

2007 《Marigold》(short)

2008 《Brotherhood of Legion》
Golden Horse Film Festival

2011 《Children From the Distant Planet》(documentary; animation director)

2013 《Forever Love》(co-directed with Toyoharu Kitamura)
Taipei Film Festival – Best Screenplay
Hong Kong International Film Festival
Far East Film Festival (Udine)
New York Asian Film Festival
Osaka Asian Film Festival – ABC Award
Terracotta Far East Film Festival
Straits Film and TV Festival

2014 《Dream Flight》(co-directed with Khan LEE)

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