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YANG Ya-che
Gender: Male
Screenwriter-director YANG Ya-che is an emerging filmmaker with a background in the TV industry. Born in 1971, YANG graduated from the Department of Mass Communication of Tamkang University. Having started to do part-time jobs during his college years, he accumulated rich experiences of life which came to nurture his script-writing. He has been employed as copywriter for an advertisement agency and scriptwriter for an animation company as well as worked in various fields, including stage play, documentary and TV series. He has written and directed numerous highly acclaimed series for the Public Television, such as 《Squatter's Heaven》(2002), 《Pass the Overpass》, 《Seeing the Sea》 (2004), 《The Story of a Detective》(2005),《Lonely Game》 (2007) and 《A Lullaby Against Love》(2008), etc.
His first feature film, 《Orz Boyz》, interspersed with animation sequences in a fantastic style, tells the story from children's perspective that's rarely seen in Taiwanese cinema, which nevertheless successfully connected to audiences across extensive ages. It won Best Director at Taipei Film Festival in 2008and was the only Taiwanese film purchased by NHK in over ten years.
In 2011, he contributed《The Singing Boy》, a short film to《10+10》, a collaborative film project initiated by Golden Horse Film Festival. He went on to launch his second feature film, 《GF ✽BF》, in 2012, a love story about two boys and a girl, showing social mutations in Taiwan for the last four decades.


2008 《Orz Boyz》
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Supporting Actress
Taipei Film Festival – Best Director, Best Art Direction, Special Mention Actress
Hong Kong International Film Festival
Osian's Cinefan Film Festival
San Francisco International Film Festival
Hawaii International Film Festival
Busan International Film Festival
Vancouver International Film Festival

2011 《The Singing Boy》(short for 《10+10》)

2012 《GF✽BF》
Taipei Film Festival – Press Award, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Leading Actress, Audience Choice Award
Asia-Pacific Film Festival – Best Actress

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《The Rouge-sang de Chine》

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