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HOU Chi-jan
Gender: Male
Graduated from National Chengchi University in the Master Program of Radio and Television, HOU Chi-jan is director and screenwriter for films and writer. His first experimental short, 《Stardust 15749001》 won the Grand Prize at the Taipei Film Festival in 2003. His short film about abandoned motorcycles, 《My 747》 and his documentary feature, 《Taiwan Black Movies》, which revisits social realism films made between 1979 and 1983 in Taiwan were successively selected by more than twenty international film festivals in Tokyo, Rotterdam, Busan, etc. 《My 747》 further won the Grand Prize for "Asian New Force" category in the Incubator for Film and Visual media in Asia/IFVA (Hong Kong) in 2006 and the Jury Special Award in the Sidewalk Cinema Festival in Austria in 2007.
In 2008, HOU Chi-jan was selected by Ang LEE and Khan LEE for their Pushing Hands project as one of the emerging directors and directed 《Juliet's Choice》 for a three-part film entitled 《Juliets》. In 2010, his first feature, 《One Day》 (to which HOU Hsiao-hsien was the executive producer) was shown in "Forum" at the Berlinale. In the next year, he contributed a short, 《Green Island Serenade》 to 《10+10》, a collaborative film project initiated by Golden Horse Film Festival.
In 2012, HOU Chi-jan launched his second feature, When 《a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep》. The film was screened in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and Australia. It was nominated for Best Art Direction and Best Visual Effects at the Golden Horse Film Festival as well as for Asian Film Awards. It also garnered Best Technical Achievements Award at the Taipei Film Festival and Best Director Award at the Fantasia International Film Festival (Montreal).
In 2014, he contributed a short film entitled 《The Thrill》 to 《Taipei Factory II》, a collaborative filming project between the Taipei Film Commission and Rai Cinema (Italy).


2003 《Stardust 15749001》 (experimental film)

2005 《Taiwan Black Movies》 (documentary)

2005 《My 747》 (documentary short)

2007《Shopping Cart Boy》 (short)

2010《One Day》
Berlin International Film Festival – "Forum"
Vladivostok International Film Festival –Special Jury Award
Chinese Young Generation Film Forum (Beijing) –Best Screenplay
Taipei Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival –Closing Film
Asian Film Festival of Rome
Santiago International Film Festival (Chile)
Chungmuro International Film Festival (Seoul)
Abycine: Albacete International Film Festival –Competition
Warsaw Film Festival – Competition
Göteborg International Film Festival

2010 《Juliet's Choice》 (short for 《Juliets》)

2011 《Green Island Serenade》(short for 《10+10》)

2012 《When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep》
Hong Kong Asian Film Festival – Opening Film
Taipei Film Festival – Best Technical Achievements
Fantasia International Film Festival (Montreal) –Best Director

2014 《The Thrill》(short for 《Taipei Factory II》)
Venice Film Festival

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