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HOU Hsiao-hsien
Gender: Male
HOU Hsiao-hsien is an internationally renowned master filmmaker as well as a leading figure of Taiwanese New Wave.
Born in Guangdong, China in 1947, he moved to Taiwan in 1948 and grew up in Fengshan in Southern Taiwan. Upon completing his military service in 1969, HOU was admitted to the Film & TV division of National School of Arts (today's National Taiwan University of Arts). He graduated in 1972 and worked as a salesman before shifting to filmmaking the next year, working as script supervisor or assistant director to filmmakers like LI Hsing and XU Jin-liang. Before he turned thirty-one, he has worked as script supervisor for two films and assistant director for eleven films, and has written five scripts.
Between 1978 and 1981, he collaborated with his longterm partner, CHEN Kun-hou to make six commercial films for which HOU wrote the scripts and CHEN was cinematographer, the two taking turns directing. His debut feature, 《Cute Girl》 was shot in 1980, followed by 《The Green, Green Grass of Home》 (1982) which he wrote and directed. The latter was nominated for two Golden Horse Awards: Best Feature Film and Best Director.
《The Sandwich Man》, a three-part film made by HOU, WAN Jen and TSENG Chuang-hsiang in 1983 has inaugurated Taiwanese New Wave during the 1980s and 1990s. Afterwards, with 《The Boys from Fengkuei》 and 《A Summer at Grandpa's》, HOU garnered numerous awards in international film festivals but became debt-ridden due to box office failures. In 1986, his 《A Time to Live, A Time to Die》 became the first Taiwanese film to surmount pressure from China at Berlinale, winning the FIPRESCI Prize. HOU came to be recognized internationally as one of the most original directors. Meanwhile, he has become a subject of intense debates among local critics.
HOU went on to make 《A City of Sadness》, 《The Puppetmaster》 and 《Good Men, Good Women》 under the overarching title, 《Trilogy of Taiwan》, revolving around the history of Taiwan. 《A City of Sadness》 was honored with Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival in 1989. It was not only the second highest-grossing film among Taiwanese and Hong Kong movies that year, but also a long-term box office success in Taiwan. HOU has thus established his status as an international master filmmaker ever since, opening a way that led Taiwanese cinema to international film festivals.
HOU is also executive producer and producer to several films, including ZHANG Yi-mou's 《Raise the Red Lantern》 (1991), HSU Hsiao-ming's 《Dust of Angels》 (1992), HOU Chi-jan's 《One Day》 (2010) as well as CHI Po-lin's 《Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above》 (2013).


1980 《Cute Girl》

1981 《Cheerful Wind》

1982 《Green, Green Grass of Home》

1983 《The Sandwich Man》

1983 《The Boys From Fengkuei》
Festival of 3 Continents (Nantes) – Best Film

1984 《A Summer at Grandpa's》
Festival of 3 Continents (Nantes) – Best Film
Asia Pacific Film Festival – Best Director
Locarno International Film Festival – Prize of the Ecumenical Jury Special Mention

1985 《A Time to Live, A Time to Die》
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Original Screenplay
Berlin International Film Festival – FIPRESCI Prize
Asia-Pacific Film Festival – Special Jury Award
International Film Festival Rotterdam – Best Non–American / Non–European Film

1986 《Dust in the Wind》
Festival of 3 Continents (Nantes) – Best Cinematography, Best Score

1987 《Daughter of the Nile》
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Original Film Score
Torino Film Festival – Special Jury Award

1989 《A City of Sadness》
Venice Film Festival – Golden Lion
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Director, Best Leading Actor

1993 《The Puppetmaster》
Cannes Film Festival – Jury Prize
Film Festival Ghent – Georges Delerue Prize for Best Music
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design
Istanbul Film Festival – FIPRESCI Award

1995 《Good Men, Good Women》
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Sound Recording
Hawaii International Film Festival – Golden Maile Award for Best Narrative Cannes Film Festival – Competition
Singapore International Film Festival – Special Achievement Award, NETPAC-FIPRESCI Award
Asia-Pacific Film Festival – Best Director, Best Art Director

1996 《Goodbye South, Goodbye》
Cannes Film Festival – Competition
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Original Film Song

1998 《Flowers of Shanghai》
Golden Horse Film Festival – Grand Jury Award, Best Art Direction
Taipei Film Festival – Best Director, Best Art Direction
Cannes Film Festival – Competition
Asia-Pacific Film Festival – Best Director

2001 《Millennium Mambo》
Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, Best Sound Effects
Chicago International Film Festival – Silver Hugo Award
Ghent International Film Festival– Best Director
Cannes Film Festival – Technical Grand Prize for Sound Design

2003 《Café Lumière》
Istanbul Film Festival – Golden Tulip Award
Busan International Film Festival – Asian Filmmaker of the Year

2005 《Three Times》
Golden Horse Film Festival – Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year,
Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year, Best Leading Actress
Cannes Film Festival – Competition
Tokyo International Film Festival – Akira Kurosawa Award
Thessaloniki International Film Festival – Golden Alexander Award

2007 《Flight of the Red Balloon》
Cannes Film Festival – "Un Certain Regard"
Locarno International Film Festival – Leopard of Honor

2011 《La Belle Epoque》 (short for 《10+10》)

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《The Assassin》

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